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Imperator Mar'gok down! Just in time....

With BRF release coming in one day we managed to clear Highmaul just in time. We went through a lot of hurdles as a guild but after we recovered, we pulled this out and we are excited for a new raid instance. We have a lot of new names and are very proud and fortunate to have picked up some talented people. We are always looking to recruit exceptional players to be apart of a competitive 3-day/week guild who can keep up to the 4+ day/week guilds in the US, so if you are looking for a guild like us, visit our forums to read more about applying.

Congrats to the rest of the guilds in the US and on our realm who slayed the ogres just before BRF release and good luck to everyone!

Onto Imperator Mar'gok!

After what seemed like the longest holiday break ever taking a break from progression we have come back with a Butcher kill in 45 pulls. Onto tackle the real milestone of this expansion's introduction raid instance!

Happy Holidays! Ko'ragh down & 5/7M!

In last pull fashion we have met our progression goal once again right in time before holiday break with a US#29 kill on Mythic Ko'ragh! We are still recruiting very talented and exceptional players to help us progress through Highmaul and into Blackrock Foundry. Happy Holidays!

First mythic week complete

With the first week of mythic complete we stand at 3/7 with our Brackenspore kill and added only Monday to our schedule for progression. We look forward to next week! We are always recruiting exceptional players! Apply today if you believe you can be a good addition to our team!

Warlords of Draenor

With the release of Warlords of Draenor, Omnipotent is at our strongest and posed to climb the ranks into the upper echelon of cutting edge progression raiding guilds. The change to raid size and difficulty will be interesting twist this expansion and we plan to embrace the new changes. Stay tuned for updates in early December with the release of Normal and Heroic Highmaul on December 2nd and Mythic Highmaul on December 9th. We will have plenty of updates before the holidays come around.