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Omnipotent Heroic BrF Sales

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  • Omnipotent Heroic BrF Sales

    Now with progression over, Omnipotent is once again selling achievements, gear and carries through the latest raid - Heroic Blackrock Foundry as well as Mythic Highmaul. Below are the following purchase options and the only options available for purchase at this time:

    For Sale:
    1. Heroic BrF 10/10 w/ all loot for 1 spec (ML @ least 15 players) - 225k
    2. Heroic BrF Blackhand Only w/ all loot for 1 spec (ML @ least 15 players) - 75k (Available day of run - spots limited)
    3. Heroic BrF Blackhand Only w/o loot - 50k

    (Prices are subject to change)

    These are the only packages we offer. If interested, reach out to Katerra (Katerra#1707). If I am unavailable you can reach out to Omnibane (Denholm#1263) or Joraca (Fett#1251).

    1. Our weekly mythic raids are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8pm EST till 12am EST. We begin our mythic BrF runs on Tuesday, and due to server instability or other forsee issues might extend into Wednesday so make yourself available for both days if you purchase mythic BrF. If you are purchasing mythic Highmaul this is typically done on Thursday but BrF ends early and you are available and ready we can begin as early as Wednesday. If you purchase heroic BrF we typically conduct these runs on Monday @ 8pm EST, however if you are available and ready we can do the run as early as Thursday depending on how fast the mythic runs complete.

    2. Mumble will be required for voice communications during the sale run. This will help us communicate with you easier during the run. We will give you the information ahead of time so you can confirm that you can connect.

    3. The service we offer is a full carry. What this means is we will not rely on you to help us in any way during your run. On some encounters during certain phases we may ask for you to die so we have full control over the encounters mechanics. However, this does not mean we won't let you participate in the fun in other situations.

    4. We will require a 25% deposit prior to your run. This will officially confirm your run status on our side and ensure your slot on our schedule. This deposit is non-refundable so make absolutely sure you can make the run date. If your run has to be postponed or extemely delayed by server instability or any fault of Omnipotent's then the non-refundable caveat of your deposit is waived.

    5. The remaining 75% will be paid before your run begins.

    6. We accept cross-realm buyers but the above guidelines will need to be met (Sargeras Alliance gold only).

    Please reach out to Katerra (Katerra#1707), Omnibane (Denholm#1263) or Joraca (Fett#1251) to schedule your run today.